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Estrogen, 2019

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Pencil on paper
38 x 67 cm.

I show a cellulite ass to talk about the shame that almost all women feel when they are naked; I show it to make visible something insultingly common (about 85%). To put a cellulite ass on a female model drawing with academic technique is to subvert the current canons, show the wounds, frustration, anger and self-hatred of so many women; is to talk about the hundreds of hours of specific trainings and billions earned in mesotherapy, presotherapy, body radiofrequency, liposuction, high-tech bands, reducing leggings, culottes, bikinis with skirts and anti-cellulite creams.

To show a cellulite ass means to stop calling us fat, to compare ourselves, to envy and to compete in the contest of the firmer ass; because the main cause of cellulite is not the excess fat but the concentration of estrogen. This is something that the patriarchy is not interested in recognizing as it would lose some of its influence on women's bodies. Seeing cellulite as a natural (and beautiful) footprint of estrogen in the fertile woman is the same as recognizing that a woman with cellulite is as natural as a woman with the period.

As a figurative artist working with the body, I feel the responsibility to offer alternative images to the valid bodies in society.